Design and Build

If you want a home that is unique to you, your lifestyle, site and budget – then our Design and Build package might be the perfect fit for you. 

With no standard plans… Jalcon gives you the freedom to dream and with our dedicated team of in-house design experts, we will work with you to help bring those ideas together. 

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Finding the right fit
Sometimes the most challenging sites are the ones most desired for their view or location. The Design and Build option is an ideal solution for these tricky sites due to its flexibility and tailored approach. Our team of in-house experts will view each site and come up with suggestions and solutions to maximise the value of the site, make the most of the sun and views, plus achieve a design that is unique to you with little to no compromise. Design and Build is not only perfect for tricky sites, sloping, small or unusual in shape but also ideal for those with a section that would like a custom designed home.

Enhance your unique style
When thinking about building, there is often a collection of ideas on how you would like your home to look like – from the style of the home, to the colour scheme and key design features. With the flexibility of Design and Build, we encourage our clients to dream and to collect pictures or start a scrapbook so we can establish what their unique style is and see what common trends start to emerge. With our dedicated in-house team, we work seamlessly together to help bring those ideas to life – from the scheme designs, to the specifications, finishes and colour schemes – delivering a home that is totally unique to you.

Bring your dreams to life
With our team of in-house experts we work seamlessly together to design a unique plan for you, each design starts from a blank canvas. Sometimes it is overwhelming to explain what you are after, so we will work with you to establish what your style and lifestyle requirements are while working within your budget. We have built homes for over 1400 families in Auckland, so we have a large libruary of plans and ideas to get you started. The site is never an afterthought and this is considered in the design stage, along with your budget, lifestyle and style. 

Think long term
When designing a home it is important that you consider the “make-up” of the home, to ensure that it ticks all the boxes now, ensuring it will grow and develop with your family and their changing needs. Some important things to think about …do you plan to work from home, or possibly have your parents moving in with you when they get elderly, do you want to have a zone for teenagers or an outside granny flat for when your children get older? These key items are good to consider in the early stages of the design process, as it always becomes trickier to add on or undergo alterations at a later stage. 


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Quality you can see and sense
Designed by our skilled Architectural Designers, Jalcon’s homes are tangibly superior, created to the highest design with construction standards built to last. Don’t just take our word for it, the Master Builders’ House of the Year award has been claimed by Jalcon 66 times for quality, workmanship and design innovation. 

Functional Design
When we design your new home, we think about how your life fits together, no awkward spaces, nothing difficult to stretch to, all the pieces of the complex traffic of your home life fitting together perfectly. It’s all about how the household and all the elements within work together in seamless harmony. We take the time to get it right so you will notice the benefits of this attention to detail for years to come. We make space work for you!

Fixed Price Contract
Each client gets detailed drawings to accompany the transparent price breakdown and specification of the build. With a fixed price contract, you get no surprises or blowouts to your budget. 

Most Awarded Builder
The Master Builder’s House of the Year award has been claimed by Jalcon 57 times in the last 20 years – making us Auckland’s most awarded builder. MORE.

Best Guarantees in the Business
Jalcon offer some of the best guarantees in the business, find out MORE here.
-10 Year Master Build Guarantee
-15 Year Jalcon Weathertightness Warranty; and a
-50 Year Structural Guarantee


"We were impressed that we could take elements we liked from other places and combine them with our own design ideas. Jalcon turned them into the perfect family home. We use every little bit of the house, it’s all very functional and we love every room.”